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It’s been years since I first began comic book lettering professionally, and I am STILL learning new things that humble any notions that I am an “expert”.

One such late lesson that seems to be missing from most lettering tutorials I see is the alt+key codes that make up alternate letters and symbols. Though not often used by most, these are still necessary for lettering and design.publicaciones-F374-414-771-493

Have a Spanish name and can’t figure out what that wavy-thing is on top of the “n” is? Need to add a trademark symbol to a company name, but can’t add it without typing out a separate “TM” and pasting into the page? These are the codes you need to help make the headaches go away. I hope they help. I’m including a downloadable “cheat sheet” with the more common ones I use.

But, in the meantime, the “TM” (or trademark) symbol alt+code= 0153, and that wavy-thing on top of the “n” actually is its own letter in the Latin alphabet, called the virgulillia, also called the “tilde”.¹ accomplished with alt+code=0241.

For all the rest of common ones, writers and letterers can easily download this handy Cheat Sheet by clicking below:









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