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Purge cvr#1

Cover Art by Keithan Jones and Xong Bros

After a little over year, PURGE has returned and the first issue is complete. Now they need your support to bring it to print.


“My name is Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. I’m the creator, owner and publisher of PURGE. I’ve been a comic book fan for most of my childhood and adult life. Comics have ignited my creativity and given me the drive to create stories and characters that can inspire and touch the heart of those who never saw themselves as being the hero. My desire since launching my very first black white comic in 1992, has been to create characters of color that would represent the very best African and African Americans have to offer. And thus Purge was born. After a year of sweat and tears, Purge – A New Direction is complete. A labor of love that was forged through a collaboration with KID Comics. Now together we are ready to take the next step


Art By Larry Stroman and Mshindo Kuumba


The Story

Purge has taken on the mantle, hero of New Salem, a state-of-the -art metropolis he himself designed. The vision of New Salem is to build a true utopia within the network of modern America. However, nefarious forces threaten to destroy that vision and exploit Purge’s para-natural abilities for their purposes. Now more than ever, Purge must live up to his title as the purifier, the protector of the city and the people he vowed to lead to a better world. Can he do it?

Richard Kincaid is haunted by a dark past. A past he can barely remember, but will never forget. Something horrific yet incredibly prolific transformed him into the man he is today. A man with the mind of a computer and the power of a god. Today he is Purge.

The Creative Team

Purge_preview_3Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. (creator, publisher, writer): I am the creator of Purge, and a thirty year plus veteran in the comic book industry. I publish under my company’s banner AMARA Entertainment.

Larry Stroman (artist ): Larry Stroman truly needs no introduction; for he is a pioneer artist of great notoriety, whose accolades include Todd Johnson and Larry Stroman’s Tribe, Black Panther, Alien Legion, X-Factor, and What If? X-Men.

 Krishna & Balram Banerjee (artists,colorists, lettering and character design) Hailing from India, these twin brothers have given Purge new life and a style that befits a hero who is a master of the martial arts and a techno genius.

Mshindo Kuumba (artist, lead character design and art director) Mshindo is arguably one of the most prolific visionaries, and a true leader of the black indie comic movement.

Keithan Jones (Owner and founder of KID Comics, co-publisher of Purge, artist and Purge – A New Direction costume designer) Keithan creator of his own widely popular comic, the Powerknights, was the orchestrator of Purge’s new look and new direction.   Visit to find out more!

C.R. Ward (editor): C.R. Ward, writer and creator of the super powered detective Vegas Baby, and The Stronger, brings his expert editing skills to the project, giving the Purge story strength and cohesiveness.  C.R. Ward’s work can be found here:

Vince White (letterer, logo and book design) Vince White’s talent is near endless. Not only does he provide lettering and applies it to enhance the comic page with life and vibrance, but also enhances dialogue along the way.   Find out more about Vince and Will Power here

Appreciation and thanks goes out to Richard “Uraeus” Tyler, Charles Ben Jones, Vince White, Dewunmi Roye Okupe and Victoria Pittman for lending their design, inking  and layout skills to the project.  Animation teaser provided by Ed Riguad. Find his work here.  Purge theme song written and performed by Clifford Switchmatic Kennedy. Check out his work on Facebook. Last but not least, I thank my soul mate Rosalie Sexton for her love, support and encouragement from start to finish.

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