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The new P.O.P.™! Program offers a unique opportunity for creators and companies to partnership under a unified brand of quality independent superheroes. For marketing purposes this offers new and emerging talent to soar by sharing advertising and marketing budgets with proven talent, broadening everyone’s fan base.

For many creators, marketing takes precious time and energy that could be devoted to the product itself. P.O.P.™! takes the burden of marketing and puts a fun spin on the process at the same time. Creators can be as involved or as “hands-off” within P.O.P.™!’s marketing structure. We will strive to successfully prove that the game is not limited to a few elite publisher’s, but to a coalition of quality products that retailers and fans can count on when they see the P.O.P.™! logo.

Bonuses include: free mini-sites for your books, a shared storefront offering previews of your new products, and promotional goods featuring your characters drawn by top-industry talent. Each of these bonuses enhances the awareness of YOUR original property!

P.O.P.™! offers plenty of fun ways to save money and join in the creation of our products.

PowersPoints™ are awarded for sharing posts on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, allowing you to save money on what you buy, simply by telling others how awesome we are.Also, every P.O.P.™! product you buy is good for PowersPoints™ for every other P.O.P.™! product, allowing your superhero collecting dollar to go further than any of our competitors.

Costume contests, fan art, and even writing challenges make their way into the pages of our printed books and on our website, allowing you to be a superstar creator along with established talent!


Joining with retailers is the key to P.O.P.™!’s success. Our goal is to move product, while building brand loyalty. This means retailer incentives such as exclusive covers, posters, art prints, and even a unique QRL point of sale code encouraging fans to buy from YOUR retail outlet!

Creating promo codes good for discounts on ALL products in the P.O.P.™! line of books will encourage customers into the habit of buying from a bigger selection of products than any one singular title or product.

In-store P.O.P.™! launch parties, signed Original Art pages, and comic covers featuring YOUR store will be regularly offered for retailers that hit order thresholds, making you a part of the fun being a P.O.P.™! partner!


Find the BEST of QUALITY indie hero comics in ONE PLACE either online or at your favorite retailer. For subscribers to monthly P.O.P.™ boxes or anyone purchasing individual books, you receive PowersPoints™ for dollar value towards future purchases of Planet of Powers books!

Purchases are not the only way to be a part of the action, either. Social media sharing, such as cosplay photos of our characters, fan art, comic photo shares, and fan letters ALSO earn you points towards future purchases and ebter you into AMAZING contests to win tons of cool original art, t-shirts, and opportunities to see YOUR contributions in the printed pages of our books!

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